1. jime

    she looks GREAT!!!

  2. nooooooooo

    This is the best shot of the series, something about her teeth kinda kills it so the shallow smile is the winning shot here.

  3. king gibson

    this whole set seems to be photoshopped.

  4. Z-A

    I’d jar that.

  5. Joanie

    the picture that where taken on sunday #1 compared to picture #30 sure looks like she has had her nose done she had a fuller nose in #30 mainly thru the bridge area i am a nurse and can tell when work has been done to bad that such a young girl has body image issue all ready she is a beauty with out the need to fix any thing .

  6. I love Dane Jueves

    She Looks …………. i love her new look……..I Wish I could have a new look too

  7. I love Dane Jueves

    She look’s great,i love her new look,i wish i could have a new look too like Taylor Swift :)

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