1. steve d

    real doll? mannequin? either way, FIRST!

  2. PtC

    The Madame Tussaud’s wax figure is living the dream.

  3. Stay Puft Overlord

    She’s trying out for Mannequin 3

  4. Lady fingers yummy!

  5. Stay Puft Overlord

    I’ve seen wax figures look mor elifelike than this.

  6. Julie

    She seriously looks like a posed Barbie Doll here. It’s kind of freaky.

  7. Trep

    I bet GW (GeekologieWriter) got really confused by the fifth pic.

  8. ferlo

    she looks magnificent …

  9. vicki

    she’s so beuatifullshe looks like a doll!!!!

  10. vicki


  11. domohello

    wooo! she looks like a barbie doll!!

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