1. LJ

    The photographer hit her in the face with his camera?

    She should have kicked his nuts back up through his mouth after he hit the ground.

  2. castallare

    That’s seriously the sexiest Rage Face I’ve ever seen in my life. :::runs off to practice in the mirror::

    • Mal Gusto

      no kidding. If she would keep those teeth under control, I would love to see her with that face diving at my cauk.

  3. Rough part the internet. Yes, like the red sea

    I’m no expert but Catherine looks like she has a lots of repressed energy…

  4. da-dum…. da-dum…..da-dum da-dum da-dum dum dum dum dum.

  5. gogo

    beware you fool, this is ZETAAA the WARRIOR PRINCESSS !!!

  6. Phil

    I could stuff that purdy mouth with a whole lot more than grandpa Douglas …

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