1. Ho.Lee.Shit

    She looks like a really awesome teenaged prostitute…in slippers. Thumbs up. I think they call that a “like” of the interweb site called facebook, I believe.

  2. Pangulin

    No offense to all of you Rhianna fans BUT this chick looks beat as hell. Doesn’t she have people, like maybe a stylist working for her? If she does and they dressed her in this outfit to go out in public view……she needs new help! Then there is the flaming magenta hair which only adds to the image which screams….”F&^$ Me for a price!”
    Rhianna is an attractive woman but you would never know it when she looks like a 12 year old’s version of the town hooker. With celebrities dressing like this,it is not hard to understand why the streets near my local high school look like a streetwalker convention every afternoon when school is dismissed for the day.

    • Not A Rihanna Fan but...

      oh you twat, shutup, people can wear whatever the hell they like, what the f*uck difference does it make really?
      ….And quit perving on your local high school girls you freak

  3. Daniel

    She is getting thick, and then she will get fat.

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