1. Bringbackbabalu

    Why would you do such a thing to us?

  2. still hit it

    she don’t look bad for her age….if i got to spend some time with her wallet.. i would take one for the team

  3. Sweet Jesus

    Dear God- those saggy fried egg tits get me hot as hell.


    Looks like Hayden Panettiere has been getting into her boyfriend’s steroids.
    She beefs up pretty good, but she needs to stay out of the sun cause her skin’s getting a little leathery.

  5. brit

    when I twist my ears like this, my boobs point upwards

  6. Honest Abe

    I’ve had the hots for her since the day she took that scope us her ass live on TV that day… lets you know what she’s up for!

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