1. Move:
    Shoe-Gum Removal of Fury.

  2. prescient

    This is my foot in your face. Smell the embarrassment!

  3. I happen to like the mascara used on his beard and eyebrows, the guyliner is a bit too much tho….

  4. hugo's boss

    the new poster boy for ‘virgina slims’

  5. JohnnyHildo

    I googled “crouching douchebag, hidden vagina” to see if there’s a video of this awesomeness..nothing yet, but I remain hopeful.

  6. Jesus Krofft Superstar

    Day Man (aah-aaaah)
    Fighter of the Night Man (aah-aaaah)
    Champion of the sun (aah-aaaah)
    You’re a master of karate
    And friendship for everyone

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