1. Move: Aging MILF Guppy Mouth Two Prong Boob Attack

    also: barf…

    • Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

      On what fucking planet are those called “prongs” and not., I don’t know…”pontoons”?

  2. wow those are top 5 stupidest looking fake tits and lips

  3. amanda

    Move: 40yr old teenager on the prowl

  4. Your Gynecologist

    I wore this EXACT outfit to a Dead Milkmen show in 1993. Later we hotboxed a joint in my Tercel and I let my date rip off my leggings in the loft at his parent’s house.

  5. Looking at this picture makes me suddenly feel kind of ashamed for making fun of Westin…kind of like realizing a you’ve been ridiculing a retarded kid.

    I mean look at her…the poor bastard never really had a chance.

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