1. Isn’t the blonde guy the dude from the Ricky Gervais show?

    • Winnie

      He is british and a celebrity too – but I can’t think of his name. I actually thought RB was in the UK at the moment with KP. I expect this is for some type of skit. Still the Superficial doesn’t mess up too often. On this occasion I expect it was the verment hatred of Mr Brand that motivated this post.

  2. Rebacon21

    Andy Dick using that bearded junkie chick for publicity is the most inhumane thing he’s done since deciding to become an actor.

  3. “Yeah, so I think that once you reorganize the infrastructure of the banks, maybe leverage some of the event-driven hedge funds, you could funnel the capital into ways to increase employment.”

    .oO(Is that an ice cream store? Mmmm…pistachio…sugar cones….fuuuck I’m stoned.)

  4. Billykins

    Looks like Thom Yorke from Radiohead

  5. poop

    actually thats not andy dick or a british celebrity.

    Its fucking Daniel Pinchbeck… awesome!

    look him up.

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