1. CARLO

    10 pounds of potatos in a 5 pound sack. She is hideous!!! Look at her face as she attempts to mount that delicious fake bull. Her eyes had already rolled back in her head like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

    Also funny that she looks totally exhausted from climbing on the inflatable padding thing. The world is lucky she didn’t have a heart attack and leave us without more lovely pics for next week

  2. Cock Dr

    Did she break it?
    She looks capable of it.

  3. imagination

    After the event she was heard to say, “Normally when I get to ride something that hard and that long I had to blow it first!”

  4. sasha

    Did we really need 22 pics of THAT?

  5. I confess disappointment that the boobs did not go flying out of the shirt. How on earth did they stay put?
    The mechanical bull must have been set on the “Granny’s Rocking Chair” setting.
    Note to MTV producers: you’ve fulfilled the show’s upskirt quota this week; time to work on nip slips.

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