1. Blaze


  2. rican

    Wow! who would’ve thought?! A pig riding a bull!

  3. Alpha Pablo

    I DO love her!

  4. M

    I bet she has hairy nipples.

  5. TunaHand


  6. Cock Dr

    This hurts my eyes.
    But it makes me laugh.
    But eyes do hurt.

  7. Slappy Magoo

    So…there’s a clap epidemic in Heaven now?

  8. Mark B

    I don’t know. I kinda have a thing for short, half retarded looking, big tit girls.

  9. Pedro.

    Be honest.

    Would you risk riding that bull right after her infected crotch came in contact with it?

  10. Jen

    LMFAO. I love watching this train wreck. LOVE IT

  11. I would fuck this bitch like the fat sweaty pig she is!!!!!

  12. Gary

    What the cameras missed was moments later, when the poor mechanical bull had to be put down due to a ranging case of syphilis and terminal depression.

  13. what???

    Shut that fucking ride down immediately and have the Hazmat crews out to disenfect! Burn the saddle since crabs are hard eliminate.

  14. ed47

    Oomap Looma DOUCHE!

  15. Dank

    Is this Snookie or Raven Symone. haha

  16. Why are these people famous. Jersey Shore is exactly what is wrong with America. And when did we start letting fat girls back on television?

  17. cc

    Pig in a blanket.

  18. reginarenee

    she famous now so Y dog her now! if this kind of badgering happen b4 she got famous then we wouldn’t B hitting keys write now trying 2 erase her!

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