1. MILF

    “Imma get all three of these fingas in her, y’all! Den I going fer da ASS!”

  2. “Oh yeah! I can party like I am still Jenney from the block! Whew…I need a glass of champagne…and it BETTER be served in a crystal glass at EXACTLY 52 degrees!”

  3. Jill

    It’s a sad day when the black guy has moved to the foreground and is no longer saying anything about you with his eyes.

  4. nyj

    She should be at home taking care of her kids

  5. haha

    pathetic, she is trying so hard to prove she still has it

  6. Blech

    JLO introduces her new fragrance “Desperation”.

  7. Aud

    Did we catch JLo right before she sneezes? What’s with her face?

  8. Shannon

    It’s not cute after you’ve been married & spit out two kids – put it away!

  9. Jenny McCarthy

    Old, desperate, bloated. Take care of your fucking kids.

  10. Nadal

    I have to agree with all these comments,she is trying too hard and cant see how ridiculous she looks.She is aging very poorly,not a good example for women,neither is her behaviour.

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