1. jimmy

    id hit it

  2. SuperficialAdmin


  3. surgerylass

    I’m glad to know it is possible to get rid of the cellulite. Jen had plenty of it last year on her thighs. Unless these are shopped, she looks great.

    • Meh

      Those are magic industrial strength lift and smooth pantyhoses dude, They would make Snooki’s ass look smoth and pert. Bitch is still cottage city. The solution is to have J-whore cut a hole in those pantyhose or rather with material that strong burn a hole in the crotch so you can do her withotu being grossed out by the cheese.

  4. MARIA

    Enchiladas is a Mexican dish. JLO is Puerto Rican you racist idiot.

  5. Blech

    When cheeks attack the backs of knees.

  6. I want to eat that ass. And I don’t mean that in any sexually perverse way. Her bedonka donk totally looks like food.

  7. michelle

    everybody on here has bad things to say about J. Lo and yet she’s still getting paid millions for her looks and talent. she’s beautiful and to all you haters out there i just have one question: ” How much are YOU getting paid for your looks and talents?” that’s what i thought!

  8. ricruz

    why so many haters.get a life.Jennifer Lopez is still one of the most atractive sexy ladies out there.Every man that commented here would gladly hook up with her if they had a chance.I know I would.No man would pass up the opportuniyt to hook up with J Lo.

  9. Karl Hungus

    dat ass

  10. Jenny McCarthy

    She can’t sing, she’s old, and she’s not attractive anymore. The fake divorce was bad enough.

  11. Nadal

    She is looking worse and worse.She doesnt get a lot money because she looks good but because she is been in the entertainment business ever since her childhood and knows the right people.Its true she knows how to push herself to the frontline but its getting too much.We want to see real talents!
    Enough of this ugly lady!

  12. penisboy

    my penis just squirted cum from this picture

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