1. yooper

    #5 is the only attractive one! Re-do!

  2. Nice

    I like me some #5. Damn.

  3. Your Mother's Wet Fart Last Night


    What’s up with the crap option the last 2 days?

  4. Iowan

    This batch sucks. No blondes, no vote.

  5. Carmen

    I think you should have a 6th choice of None of the Above.

  6. Rob

    Agreed… these are all pretty lame and actually they all look the same

  7. Drew

    3 and 5 look the exact same, right down to the fucked up nose

    • Nicole

      fucked up nose?? excuse me my nose is fucking perfect. all u have to do is vote u dont need to criticize. im #5 btw

      • JerkBags

        I voted for you Nicole. Can we be friends now?
        Most submissions don’t seem to understand what a side profile is :S

      • Nicole

        thanks for your support and vote :) im glad i didnt make it actually ,i dont think i can handle the criticism very will.. and it wuld be an awkward convo if a fam member saw it lool

  8. Mandy

    1.) Looks quite average. The same pic you’d see on countless women’s FB profiles.
    2.) WTF… no. Just no. This chick looks stupid, and the only thing her contacts are doing is making her mannish face look even more absurd.
    3.) Blah, no thank you, go back to Who-ville.
    4.) If I want to see a middle-aged woman who is totally past it, I’ll call you.
    5.) The best of the worst.

  9. Danklin


  10. Jake

    heh, the little boys here don’t know how to process this when its real women instead of a bunch of girls showing their titz. #4 ftw!

  11. gonzo

    not voting this round, what is this the “cloned banner girl” group?

  12. Jo

    photoshop much?

  13. kidchaos

    umm..just NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. so… these are different people?

  15. joe blow

    LMAO… you guys are fucking brutal.

  16. ash

    I don’t like any of these either.

  17. Whatever

    This chick looks like a porn star in progress…

  18. Julie

    I voted for this girl, because she looks the most superficial. Nuff said.

  19. hoo ha

    her armpits are a blur of badly photoshopped stubble…but all the same she’s the most superficial i guess

  20. Nicole

    dont be a hater :)

  21. Breez

    She might be the one to vote for if you couldn’t tell she was such a bitch, as evident by her comments left here. #4 is much prettier…naturally, not quite as superficial, but she’ll get my vote.

    This girl is a bitch.

  22. c'mon!

    seriously? these all really suck. we have become used to a certain level of quality from this site… but this? wait, did i click to the ellen show for some reason?

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