1. Tripped

    Kinda plain, but atleast she followed the rules better then others….

  2. oermens

    the only normal looking one of the bunch

  3. Mr. Nice Guy


  4. Mandy

    1.) Looks quite average. The same pic you’d see on countless women’s FB profiles.
    2.) WTF… no. Just no. This chick looks stupid, and the only thing her contacts are doing is making her mannish face look even more absurd.
    3.) Blah, no thank you, go back to Who-ville.
    4.) If I want to see a middle-aged woman who is totally past it, I’ll call you.
    5.) The best of the worst.

  5. blah

    She kind of looks like Megan Fox.

  6. wtf

    a t-shirt?!!! so not Superficial.

  7. Danklin

    Cute but i dont like that Russian/Ukranian nose thing she’s got goin on.

  8. SATAN

    Ths first girl (Felicia Tyler) looks like the female version of Jennifer Garner… so she gets my vote. Honestly though, the other 4 pictures barely make the Mount Rushmore of Average.

  9. kcdilla

    She’s a pretty girl, not superficial-ly looking enough though.

  10. velocitygirl

    This is the worst batch. She may get my vote for simply following directions.

  11. Gillagan

    I think this chick is hot too. Not Superficial hot, but I guess I go
    for the “plain” ones.

  12. Felicia

    Okay, maybe it IS boring, but it was a whim. And I happened to be on my couch, wearing a t-shirt, so…

    Overall, the comments aren’t as bitchy as I was expecting, so thanks for that. And, Danklin, my nose is actually quite small. It’s called lens distortion, but I can see what you’re talking about.

    Anyway, thanks for the votes!

    • Parker

      Do you prefer anal all the time or just some of the time? Your answer means the difference between a marriage proposal and a straight proposition.

  13. Bob

    I think Felicia has some of the most natural beauty out of the bunch. But since this picture does not show her posing like a MySpace whore, I don’t think it’s going to get her anywhere.

  14. Daisy

    Should have got up off the couch to take the pic, but very lovely all the same.

  15. tc

    Fellatio is an easy first choice. One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

    I would quite like to see her minge and twat, and to fuck her up the ass, and for her to suck me off before murdering her.

  16. Rhialto

    Wow! That’s a motherload of votes!

  17. Parker

    She looks like she knows how to make a decent sandwich. I’d buttfuck her any day.

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