1. eww

    duck lips

  2. Jo

    It’s called lip liner, try it.

  3. Zero

    I’d like to pick her,but the lack of nose is stopping me.
    Same with that fake fuck on the Third round with her dumb sunglasses.

  4. gigi

    close! make the hair blonder and line the lips & you’re on the right track!

  5. Iowan

    Take a clearer pic, and this is the winner. It helps that I can easily visualize those lips wrapped around a part of my anatomy.

  6. veronica

    chola lips

  7. nice lips, louzee pic

  8. james

    i want those lips to give me kisses where i pucker the most

  9. shortblonde

    Reminds me of Courtney Love for some reason…

  10. Beth

    From what I can tell she’s pretty, but this is a terrible picture.

  11. Lippen Whiskey

    That’s the one so far, but like others say, the hair is approaching green and needs to be adjusted back to blond and brought up in brightness a bit to match.

  12. Since when did call girls get a chance at being the banner girl?

  13. Kkaz


  14. Dr McNasty

    This girl has DSL.

    (DSL = Dick Sucking Lips.)


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