1. gigi

    should be blonde — I’m getting a hankering for a chimichanga or something…

  2. sensitive guy

    damn – first one where it’s been a REALLY tough call … 1 or 4… 4 or 1… I still don’t know …

  3. veronica


  4. Carolyn

    Tooo much nasty blue on the first one.

    • blubber tits

      agreed, it (#1) looks like a 7th grade makeup job and also the $2 false eyelashes on the first one look gay

  5. dunky

    who let out alyssa milano?

  6. james

    it sucks because i already voted for 2 because of the DSLs but now i see another pair on a prettier face…. f that! and why does everyone like the hooker in the blue eye shadow she looks like a total slore.. NOT in a good way though

  7. Luke

    Number four looks like Leighton Meester…who i’m sure is an avid superficial reader…

  8. Miss E

    This girl is clearly the winner.. It upsets me how the girls who should win, don’t get all the votes. Sure, the girls who won the previous rounds are pretty but they just aren’t this site’s material.

    • I still can't believe its not butter

      THANK YOU I was thinking the same thing the first girl isn’t that great #4 totally owns this round

  9. useless

    Can’t believe theres no comments about how blown out this picture is – not as bad as that one from the first round, but its still a terribly taken picture

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