1. RF

    Holy crap, I think I’m in love

  2. Mandy

    #1 is gorgeous, but I don’t think she has the right look for banner girl.
    #2 is alright, but nothing special.
    #3 is nothing special and kind of old looking.
    #4 has my vote, absolutely stunning — almost looks like Leighton Meester
    #5 has nothing special whatsoever about her face, which this is supposed to focus on

  3. SP

    These girls are all too classy and so I can’t vote for anyone. You should have thrown in a topless girl with huge fish-eye implants and some dried blood under her nose so we could have a clear winner for this round.

  4. melissa

    this one is terrible…. no way.

  5. ts

    There should be a 6th vote for “none of the above.”

  6. gigi

    awww shame… she looks like a nice girl tho…. lol

  7. veronica


  8. Toocool4aname

    Terribe??? What the fuck? This one is fucking hot. You’re seriously gay if you think she’g ugly. Put a rainbow bumper sticker on your car right now because you like it in the butt.

  9. Mycroft

    None of the above.

  10. shortblonde

    Pretty sure her dad just kicked her out of his house, because he found out she’s stripping at that one club next to the truck stop…

  11. RLY?

    MAN-ALERT, DANGEROUSLY LOW LEVELS OF BOOB IS DETECTED. Seriously this is the second man-looking girl in this contest(also Ryan(!)), wtf is up? Take a look at that cleavage and tell me that couldn’t be done with a bit of makeup and hairless man-chest…

  12. Kyle

    A MAN? This chick is the hottest one here!

  13. RP

    Not this one.. i fucking hate twilight. Yes, I was forced to watch them all..

  14. fap

    You’re all blind from masturbating too much.

  15. Jarvis

    Looks like a self important bitch. You know this was always the mean girl in school. No thanks.

  16. It looks like an alien baby crawled out of her belly-button.

  17. lko

    not another tranny

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