1. Poonage


  2. blah

    these all suck shit

  3. bw

    melanie will win it all… so far!

    agreed the rest are lame.

  4. sensitive guy

    pretty hot – love the vacancy in her eyes … tough call … 1 or 4 … 4 or 1 …

  5. gigi

    wow, pores big enough? air brush that mess! otherwise, kinda cool

  6. gake

    worst candidates ever.

  7. veronica

    cool mustache.

  8. You pathetic basement living porn addicts don’t know non airbrushed beauty when you see it. Like the ones complaining about pointless things like pores would stand a chance with any of these.

  9. Guys

    Pores!?! Mustache?!?! You people are seriously, tragically skewed.

  10. GUY

    This is how real pictures of real women are supposed to look like.
    Very beautiful girl. Nice structure and very sexy eyes.

  11. JoeC

    This is the worst batch of banner girls in the contest. In the other rounds, it was hard to pick the hottest one. In this round, I choose “none of the above”.

  12. Toocool4aname

    Big pores? jesus christ, thats just grasping at straws looking for something to bitch about. This girl is stunningly beautiful. What the fuck is wrong with some of the guys here? Let me guess, you’re all single because you’re too damn picky so you sit home and jerk off to midget porn.

    • INawe

      2nd this, I was just thinking she has the most beautiful natural skin I’ve ever seen.
      Lovely eyes, too.

  13. Danklin

    Voting should not be put in the hands of the readers of this site. Anyone that picks that chick with sunglasses over the other girls in that round is out of their fucking mind. Also, Melanie is model material guys. ACtually scratch that, she’s an actual naturally beautiful woman. I guess a lot of guys here wouldnt know one of those if it fell on them.

    • Mr. Nice Guy

      I picked sunglasses over the other girls. Easy choice. But I like Women.

      • Here Here. I like women to – and so I voted for both sunglasses AND Melanie – for different reasons. Sunglasses gets me hard every time I look at her picture…& Melanie’s face is perfection in this picture. I was sold on Melanie when I saw her flickr page which she provided a link for in the comments section of her initial picture on the superficial’s facebook page.

      • crack in can baby

        Too bad I didn’t get you hard, but that isn’t what I was really going for ;) Thank you though for noticing the difference between decent photography/lighting and airbrushing. I wouldn’t even know how to airbrush if I tried… I leave the pores and lines in for a reason. I AM a real person.

        On that note… who’s got the vodka?

      • crack in can baby

        and PS this was taken with macro lens…. only natural light … if any bitch can do the same without pores (AKA acne, scars, marks lines… etc) showing I will bow down to you and suck a fart out of your arsehole…

  14. Guys

    @Toocool4aname, I think they just got used to the synthetic skin on their Real Dolls.

  15. Danklin

    @Toocool4aname….its not the guys on the site that are being assholes, its the catty girls that are jealous of girls that look better than they do so they feel it necessary to bag on them. It gives them a moment of satisfaction in their pathetic mundane lives.

    • Kkaz

      Not true! It’s mainly men who are bitching about these girls; I got into an argument with 2 guys who were calling these girls horrible horrible names! I think fair play to the women for having the guts to open themselves up. Only to have fucking wankers try and bring them down and knock their confidence!

  16. If any of your disgruntled girls want to come over and talk about it, be at my place around 9, and bring some dinner.

  17. veronica

    since when is blue eyeshadow considered “natural?” besides, this isn’t fucking 1970, that shit is just tacky. i’d hate to look at this bitch’s face every time i come to this site.

  18. Nox

    “Big pores” = Another excuse for why you’re still a virgin.

  19. cc

    Need to see more of Mel.

  20. crack in can baby

    blue is my favorite color =)

  21. Melissa

    I think she’s pretty. And I love her eyeshadows, so friggin beautifully done.

  22. absinthe

    My favorite is the 4th. I think it’s time for the superficial to have a brunette

  23. Ben

    None of the above

  24. Id

    She is gorgeous. Natural nose, too. Nice !

  25. FH

    Seriously, almost all of the girls that have entered this contest are very attractive. Put aside any feelings you have towards tattoos and piercings and whatnot and just look at their features. These women are gorgeous. Some of you people are way too nit-picky, talking about pores and mustaches. Really? Either you think you’re hot shit and want to knock these girls down, or you’re just plain ugly. Either way, you’ve got some self-esteem issues.


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