1. cccc

    Looks like she has great facial features but the pic doesn’t show enough of her face or figure.

  2. bert

    she looks very pretty but the myspace shot is doing her no favors.

  3. Boo

    Number two so far . . . but like the one from Montreal the best.

  4. Fatty McGillislutty

    She is closest to the spirit of the Superficial Banner Girl, if that is what people were actually voting on, which it seems they aren’t. So I am going with what everyone else is doing, and voted for Ashley, who is hotter in general, and showed more wonk boob!

  5. SATAN

    #4 looks like shit!

  6. bitingontinfoil

    She looks like Priscilla Presley – *shudder*

  7. oh, i see….messed up perspective.

  8. SATAN

    oh, so other people can say #4 has a duck face and fish lips, but my comment that she looks like shit gets deleted?

  9. dumb

    this is a really old photo of a chick that gets faked online a lot.

    • liz

      so im not crazy. i knew i’ve seen this before somewhere.

    • xokdmr

      ditto! Fish, you’re sort of disappointing us here, if you’re going to hold a contest for hot banner broads at least make sure they’re a little bit legit, this is sad =(

  10. sashavice

    She looks like a porcelain doll, I don’t mean that in a bad way. She has great features but I don’t think the view down the pink tube top fits somehow.

  11. Dan Montana

    Blow job lips I vote for her! :)

  12. Pepe

    Bad makeup and bad angle for a banner

  13. gramth

    you gotta know that sierra -dc is really alley bagget…

  14. Dave

    love her

  15. Larry0120

    sierra, number 3, actually might be a real person, definately hot.

  16. Lindsay

    nose looks a little photoshopped. (shadows are all wrong)

  17. K

    This picture is really old. I doubt the real girl even sent this in.

    She’s one of those old cam whores from the late 90s- early 00′s.
    Her name is Sierra though, but I’m pretty sure that photo was from around 10 years ago.

  18. Gando

    Excellent my friends! Maybe these girls are tomorrow’s celebrities!

  19. jane

    She’s pretty, but she looks exactly like the girl who’s already on the banner. It might be nice to see something kind of different for a change.

  20. Lisa Beth

    Looks like someone took a picture of their dead hooker. IT’S PERFECT!

  21. Am I the only one creeped out by how “let’s take advantage of her while she’s unconscious” this picture looks?

  22. Sierra

    Yes I’m real, and yes thats an old picture of me. But I look like shit now:

    • Sierra – I am dumbfounded that you are not going to win this contest – you had my vote in your round and had been my absolute favorite by a long shot from the moment I first saw your picture. Your picture was absolutely perfect for the Superficial banner I thought. Mysterious, profile shot of what is obviously a drop dead gorgeous woman, eyes shown but yet hidden so as not to reveal an identity, blonde hair, deliciously full lips which stir a man’s imagination, and to top it all off, a down top cleavage shot of an absolutely killer rack. But best of all – a picture that would stir my soul and loins every time I logged into the site and was greeted by you (If I wasn’t married, I’d set the picture as my screensaver/desktop background). Seeing other pictures of you online (OMG!!!!!) – it’s obvious your picture is 100% real, whereas I am not sure the same is true of Jillian who beat you (I had planned to vote for Jillian in today’s final, but have too many doubts her pic is of a real person). God – I Wish I could vote for you today. :-(

    • lko

      here you look like a sleeping duck, the other one is great

  23. Sierra

    BillyMack, thank you. Hehe. I love The Superficial. I know I used to be all mega popular on the internet back in the day, figured it would be cool to have a small run again. But oh well. Hehe.

    • Glad I checked back to see if you replied. It’s our loss that you didn’t win. I’d never heard of you before, but am grateful to you for having taken your “small run” because I had the chance to discover and appreciate an incredible beauty, and trade a few posts. I think you are even more beautiful today by the way, and believe you will become even more so. I see you’ve pulled away from your previous internet infamy, and understandably have chosen to lead a more private life. I hope that Life is giving you all the blessings you deserve. I wish there was a way to facebook you, follow you on Twitter, or something – but that wouldn’t be in keeping with your desire for more anonymity – but wanted to mention it just the same.

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