1. cccc

    Hideous tattoo.

    • Looks like Drug User


    • vote for bubbles

      it looks like she’s wearing an airbrushed tshirt she got at an Elvis giftshop

      • Someone

        Theirs? …really “theirs”? I guess someone who doesn’t know the difference between theirs and there’s (aka THERE IS) would like a trashy tattoo. And you called everyone else retards…

      • Someone

        …and on top of there you should be saying “there are” etc. etc.

      • re someone

        LOL, ‘someone’ is a huge douche. Your actually trying to exact language policing on this site? This site, which spews bullshit? Yes my dear, you are a retard. Does this look like a fucking English class to you?

      • dee

        LOL @ Lady. How does not liking ‘ink’ make us retards? Oh and also, the spelling actually does matter…the site may “spew bullshit” but it’s done in such a way that you must be grammatically sound to comprehend the jokes. You’re probably one of those people who stares at a post and thinks, ” I don’t get it but I’m going to look at the pics!hehe.”

      • dude

        The Elvis gift shop comment is cracking me up. Yes, this girl ruined her back.

  2. Bmurphy72

    Pic 1 …..Druken girl…your going to stick what where….OK
    Pic 2 ….. Miami Vice is making a come since LaBrony is moving
    Pic 3 ……. Dude this will be cool and she’ll never know
    Pic 4 ……. Is where we try out for the Porn Tomb Raider movie..
    Pic 5 …… Play the right note and get the ointment that makes the rash go away..

    These are all BAD…..

  3. I think that song is “Come on ride the train,…..ride it Woo Woo”.

  4. bert

    not feelin the tat, but she’s a very beautiful girl!

  5. Bob

    This cunt is so lonely and self-loathing, she’d fuck any guy for a little self-esteem boost.

    Those tattoos are a scream for attention. That is her food. Feed her a little attention, and the lion will roar.

    Who the fuck names their daughter Rummy? An alcoholic retard with brain damage?

  6. yo

    i think she is gorgeous, this is an artsy shot, and the tattoo must show her passion. it also fits for a site like this

  7. Fatty McGillislutty

    People and their fucking tattoos. No one cares what your tattoo means. Ruined a perfectly good hot chick with that shit.

  8. Richard

    Probably the best looking of this bunch if you crop out the horrible tattoo to just the head.

    • dee

      This is the only one in this bunch actually superficial banner girl-esque. The only problem is the fucking tattoo!

  9. gaga

    Gorgeous, got my vote.
    win win!

  10. tyley

    Obvious nose job..and the tattoo ruins an otherwise ok body.

    • tyleyisadumbshit

      are you a doctor of plastic surgery, ty? and how can you see the rest of her? its just a shot of her back! seriously, you’re a complete moron.

      • tyley

        I am actually. Doctor McGoFuckYourselfCunt.

      • tyley

        Because I think she’s ugly I’m a moron? It’s my opinion and I’m entitled it. You probably are this ugly girl and that’s why you’re offended.

      • Ok, so she’s obviously not ugly. Just slipped out in the heat of the moment. She is attractive..but this is the superficial and we are meant to be critical right? And I never said having rhinoplasty was a bad thing.

  11. Jen

    i think they should shop #5′s tattoo out and that would be the perfect banner pic.


  13. Daphne

    my vote goes here because she actually followed the rules

  14. Steve

    Hmmm….this is the weakest batch yet. Not sure who I would vote for.

  15. Dan Montana

    Is it before or after washing her hair???

    anyway…what s that? a tatoo? out!!!!

  16. Not liking the raccoon eyes makeup. She would have had a chance for my vote though if only the tattoos were cropped or Shopped out.
    This batch of brave contenders is not to my taste. I will abstain.

  17. Clearly, she just farted a song and its making it’s way up her back.

  18. Pepe

    She’s the top of this class as long as they crop that stupid tattoo out.

  19. lauryn

    that tattoo is stupid but this pic is the best of these.. but they’re all epic fails.

  20. lauryn

    she would be sooo much prettier sans that hideous tat.

  21. mao

    WTF is wrong with you?
    the tattoo wont even show on the banner,
    Nor will Jillians freaking boobs,
    Look at the faces people!!! Caroline has the best face of the group, Jillian is freaking creepy,
    The tattoo So what this is 2010, you people sound like puritans from the church
    the tatoo is really bad ass,
    she is the prettiest!

    • dee

      What is with people suggesting if you don’t like tattoos you’re a goody goody? It IS possible to just, you know, dislike the look of it!

      • xokdmr

        you go dee! truth! i have a couple tattoos myself, but in tasteful places & with sentiment..
        i’m sure her musical notes may have sentiment, but i wonder how often she looks in the mirror and regrets them. it’s sad when someone this beautiful puts such little thought into something that’ll be on their body forever =(

      • dee

        I think tattoos are wonderful when they are in tasteful places and have sentimental meaning! i.e in remembrance of a loved one. I hate it when girls get words like ‘believe’ and ‘forever’ near their crotch or lower back or wherever. It doesn’t make you any the wiser! haha

  22. WhateverHelpsYouSleepAtNightBtch

    I’m not crazy about any of them…

  23. Nope

    worst round of the bunch

  24. edd

    Caroline definitely has the best face. I’m not an ink fan, but that doesn’t even matter. She has a great back in spite of the ink, but it won’t be seen since they’re looking for a face.

  25. TheAppraiser

    If you’re reading this, I think you are a beautiful woman. I LOVE the tattoo and would ask you out if I lived in Grand Rapids.

  26. djs

    that tattoo is fucking awesome!!! Who cares if sone gay ass internet perves like it or not!! Sooooo hot and so jealous of the tatt….

    • stupid

      Tattoos are the most hideous looking things on the planet. Anyone with a tattoo is a fucking loser. You think a respectable company is going to give you a job when you come in for a interview with a stupid tattoo on your arm or your neck. get real asshole.

      • dj

        What are you some 1950s reject? Get real, the damn interviewer at the “respectable” company prolly has a tattoo!!!!

  27. luv white boobies

    man, i live in michigan why doesnt she date me? Oh yea, I’m fat, poor and out of shape, thats why. Never mind people…

  28. Ella

    In hindsight, I am sorry I didn’t vote for you, Caroline. In the opinion of an educated, 23 year old female, you are one of the best, along with yesterday’s winner. I appreciate you’re lack of cleavage and the fact that you know how to read the instructions. I was turned off by your tattoo at first, that’s all.

  29. Kristin

    unfortunate tattoo… and nose.

  30. Kim

    I voted for her. She’s very pretty, but like most other people I hate, hate, hate tattoos so it kind of ruined it for me.

  31. Darth

    I’m flattered that all these chicks are doing here their best for me! But now an even more important issue is coming up on my mind! *Raises his arms* Where did i leave my favorite comb!?

  32. michelle

    I know that girl, and she isnt from Grand Rapids, what are you doing to make sure people are not submitting pics of others??? and that is not a real tattoo, just something for a photo shoot

  33. Exaactly

    You all sound like a bunch of right wing Christians hating on her tattoos and we all know the world needs less of those. Love your tattoo you have my vote ten times over. KNOCK EM DEAD GIRL!!

  34. J

    who cares if she has a tattoo. she’s the only one of these girls that doesnt look like a used up whore.

  35. tc

    Favourite is no.3.

    Number 4 doesn’t have any tits, although I can still imagine my porridge dripping from her ass.

  36. Tatu

    Can someone please explain the hatred of tattoos on this site? Are you all Puritans? Any tattoo is great as long as the artist does a good job. That musical one probably cost $500. Anyway, all women are getting tattoos nowadays, so all you fuckin homos and jealous girls better get used to it.

    • re someone

      Thank you! What’s with these people? They all have serious sticks up their asses when it comes to tattoos.

    • Thank U, I will explain my distaste.
      A beautiful, fit human body is perfection.
      The skin glows with health like a pearl.
      Small tattoos don’t distract much from this. Small tattoos can be very cute.
      When I see someone who’s inking a huge map of pattern symbols all over themselves the spell of health & perfection is broken. Depending on the subject matter I may seriously wonder about mental health. And tattoos just don’t age well.

      Just think how the nursing home attendant is going to laugh when they help turn this old lady over for a sponge bath.

      Of course this is all personal CHOICE & I will take up guns to defend that, but don’t expect me to like it. Because I just don’t.

    • Trishon James

      Tats are for criminals and white trash. Wake up. Respect your body.

  37. lady chatterly

    Beautiful? have you guys noticed how the top half of her face is huge and the lower half is shrunken to ridiculous proportions? Ugh. And doggie style would be out with that white trash tattoo, I bet the notes play “Achy Breaky Heart” or it’s white trash equivalent.

  38. Trishon James

    Tattoos on ricans and negros = criminals.
    Tattoos on whites = white trash.

    • Not nice to stereotype.
      Very good people can make bad mistakes, especially when young, with friends & under the influence.
      I’m sure that the laser removal techniques will improve with time.


    this is how america spends their time, hating and bashing through their computers.

    how does YOUR country spend their time?

  40. lko

    pretty girl, but the back>photoshop it please

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