1. testertest

    I like side boob

  2. Deacon Jones

    Ashley…”Schwin! Schwin!”

    Ryan, you’ve got one hell of an ass girl….

  3. Looks like she shops like I do, in the kids section for shirts so my pecks look big. For that reason alone, she has my vote.

  4. WTF

    what happened to the other 600 entries? these can’t be the best entries you received – post some more, you lazy bastard.

  5. Instead

    tice nits.

  6. other girl

    #1 something needs to be changed. crop the photo maybe.
    #2 has a fantastic body, but her blush is fucked.
    #3 winner – marginally
    #4 srsly?
    #5 not bad, but her skin’s the colour of a corpse and the tattoo’s too big a focal point.

  7. She has a really beautiful face, but her left boob is weird. Implants look a little weird when you’re on your back.

  8. Andy G

    Do you have any contact info for babe #1? I’d love to get in touch with her.

  9. yo

    she’s lying down, but then tried to make it look like not? im confused why.. to make her boobs look bigger?

    • staypuft overlord

      No, they tried to make her boobs look like damn omlettes! Where’s the cheese….in my cock…I really need some valtrax.

  10. brit

    cool tan line is she a farmer

  11. Fatty McGillislutty

    She is definitely the hottest one of the 5, wonk boobs and all!

  12. Daphne

    ugh so annoying that you are picking girls who did not follow the rules AT ALL just because they’re half nude and photoshopped to appeal to your micropenis that has never seen a real live naked woman who was not paid

    • Hey we didn’t pick them, Mr Fish did and told us to vote for one. Thankfully he picked some with big racks which is really my only criteria.

  13. Dan Montana

    farmers tan but nice scene for a picture! WTF a stair well???

  14. Snaggletooth

    I now understand all the snark on the women in the comments section. The readers here have no taste in women.

  15. Pepe

    She’s hot, but this pic just isn’t for the banner.

  16. Ned

    It burns when I urinate

  17. lauryn

    this looks like some bizarre american apparel ad. def not superficial-worthy.

  18. abc

    That’s what you want…?! She’s definetly attractive but …what?! Didn’t think the “normail” male brain was looking for………….

  19. staypuft overlord

    I like how classy she looks laying on the floor of a truck stop bathroom…and what the hell is wrong with her tits? She has the opposite of what’s happenig to Tori Spelling..instead of caving in…it looks like like her chest is shitting out tits…and it has diarrhea. Also…she looks like a hooker. Also, that’s not a bad thing.

  20. staypuft overlord

    She looks ready to get some money shot action

  21. staypuft overlord

    Classy. She looks like she’s lying on the floor of some truck stop bathroom. And what the HELL is wrong with her tits?! She has the opposite of what’s happening to Tori Spelling….instead of caving in…. her chest looks like it’s Sh%$ing out her tits……and it has diarrhea. Also, she looks like a hooker. Also, that’s not a bad thing.

  22. Toocool4aname

    Ryan you have a great ass but you’re trying way too hard.

    #5 is definitely out.

  23. Toocool4aname

    So #2 is in the lead? umm okay then

  24. Alberto

    she’d win the weirdest pillow boobs ever contest

  25. Dave

    WTH happened to her boobs?? those are supposed to be boobs, right?

  26. JJ

    how can anyone find that attractive? her breasts look like a plastic ass

  27. Kookamunga

    Those have to be the worst fake boobs I have ever seen.

  28. Andy

    Her tits may look like soup that’s about to spill out of her tank top but I’d eat the shit out of that soup

  29. useless

    This makes two rounds I couldnt vote on, and I don’t know why – first round i never had the option, 3rd round I have the option but when I try to vote the site tells me i have already voted. and I can’t see the current results – just asks me to vote (errr not vote?) again.. soooo glitchy….
    Loving that ass Ryan!
    #2 has some fugly sunglasses, and out of all the entrants so far, has been the farthest from a profile shot we have seen yet – she had better not win…

  30. Ivat

    Her tits look like that because they are REAL. Real tits flop to the sides when you lay on your back. She should have submitted a standing up pic because her face is by far the prettiest of all the girls (Sunglasses Jillian? really?), however because her tits are that large and real, they probably are low-hangers–hence the laying down pic.

    • scott

      They’re def not real. I know this chick and remember when they magically grew overnight.

    • Rex

      You definetely dont know what real boobs look like. Yes, real boobs hang but they dont look like that. These look hard and have that weird gap between them. I cant believe you think they’re real, that’s like one of the worst boob jobs i’ve ever seen.

  31. Rhialto

    Good mouth shot!

  32. useless

    I guess people are just voting for the picture that turns them on the most, due to the amount of tit visible. Looks like we (as a group) are just as incapable of following instructions as all the whores who sent in submissions just to see their near naked bodies on a website… I’m not looking forward to seeing a big pair of ugly ass sunglasses as the banner of this website, which seems to be the favorite pic so far

    • Shorty80

      LOL exactly! Well said. Why even bother having the rules? Just ask girls to send in their best porn star shot for no reason other than to share free wanking material.

  33. g

    awful refund gap. whats up with girls showing off their terrible boob jobs??

  34. jane

    I don’t know, I think the composition is a little more interesting than the others at least.

  35. ME

    A big fat NO! To match her big fat side boob.

  36. Pantera

    This girl has what I’d like to term “clown boob” or “clown side boob” or “side clown boob”

    whichever fits the wonk the best.


  37. Pantera

    now that I look at her again… I actually think I don’t see a breast at all… Though I do see an armpit tumor…
    better get that checked..

  38. Dadude

    I think she’s hot, I really do, wtf are u wankers b*tching about a sideboob ? This girl has real breasts and they act like that when you lay down. I don’t understand Americans, so what you’re saying is that u prefer fake tits and some blonde bimbo with f*cking sunglasses ??

  39. Dadude

    and if those tits are not real .. well I still prefer them to Jillian’s

  40. andris

    ugly bitch

  41. thesiz

    im too hungover to read any of the other comments…
    this girl is dope. i would def make out with her

  42. Carissa

    not good enough for banner girl.

  43. xokdmr

    if it weren’t for the armpit boob, she’d have my vote

  44. euro

    one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life …

  45. no. 1 is hottest, tho i wish her pic left a little less for the imagination…

  46. egoi5t4

    I’d loved to see some more pics of her, like her smile/boobs

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