1. wtf

    is that jessica simpson? lol

  2. RAtC

    She does resemble JS, but enough with the same chin and boob poses.. should see something different now.

  3. This contest is the lamest thing I’ve seen. Banner girl not banner boobs.

  4. francis blume

    Homegirl has a bad ass scar on her cheek

  5. Doppleganger

    Interesting… She looks a lot like me. Thank you Superficial.

  6. Are you Kidding?

    Tory looks like shit. Too skinny. Ugly face from what I can tell. #3 FTW!

  7. Sass

    thats not a scar? it looks like hair.

    nice melons

  8. Halie

    Cute nose, nice lips. i’d be lesbian for her ;)

  9. billabong021

    I voted for Linda from Montreal whoever the hell that is, it was the closest name to my arrow thing.

  10. lko

    very pretty

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