1. KP

    first and hottest

  2. Parker

    Awww, there we go now. All I had to see is ass and I know who the winner is.

  3. Brett

    He said FACE photos. not ass shots you hoor.

  4. MikeyMike

    She looks fantastic but the suit is not the best choice.

  5. MikeyMike

    She looks hot hot hot but the suit was a bad choice.

  6. Parker

    by the way, KP, in case you haven’t noticed, every view of every photo on every entry has a different comment list so you think you’re first but that isn’t really an achievement anymore. If there are 18 photos with 3 views each there will be 18 * 3 = 54 opportunities to be first and being 1 out of 54 is no different than being 54th.

  7. Parker

    That ass says winner to me.

  8. kingofbeer

    3rd is the hottest! Sexy name too!

  9. Parker

    I bet she only likes anal sex. That’s so hot.

  10. RAtC

    nice.. if she was wearing something else it would’ve been better that tattoo stands out a lot too

  11. yikes

    PhotoShop is for liars. I was going to say that I thought this was a contest for faces, but then I saw the face and it all made sense.

  12. Zeus

    WTF people? Jessenia‚Äôs is in 3rd place and with an ass and face like hers she should be FIRST not THIRD…WTF sure Erin could be good n all but she hardly shes shit yet she’s FIRST?! >_> The fuck people…VOTE JESSENIA!

  13. Id

    Face that could cut paper. Trashy tattoo. Completely ridiculous bodysuit.
    …I have a sneaking suspicion this picture was taken in New Jersey.

  14. eatme

    what can I say, i love ass. #3 :)

  15. She looks great.
    Too great.
    She looks like a pro. And that kinda turns me off.

    Voting for the fresh & delicious looking DC girl.

  16. nick

    Wow, I’m surprised. This one is actually in shape and attractive. She doesn’t pull off the trashy look and would be 1000x more stunning and sexy if she classed it up, but whatever. still gorgeous

  17. Fati87


  18. M

    Hideous skank.

  19. Cock Dr

    A+ PhotoShop work…especially on the thighs & haunches. Outstanding!

    • Jessenia Vice

      funny bc if you saw the raw image of this photo you would see how identical they are to each other except the color was player around to make the red pop more

  20. Parker

    I spent the entire afternoon imagining how it’d feel to bury my penis in her ass.

  21. Natalia

    Beautiful picture mami!

  22. Leo

    sexy, beautiful, hot, etc…

    keep doin what your doin jess. dont let anyone hold you back from failing

  23. eatme

    Another Jessenia image from the same set:

    Why o why didn’t you submit this one instead Jessenia (like I said, I’m a big fan of the ass part)?

    • eatme

      …not that the rest of you isn’t damn pretty too ;)

    • Jessenia Vice

      lol hun i was asked if i wanted to participate in a fun contest by a friend and i said y not. i only submitted the photo of me that was asked from me.

      but its not that serious if i dont win, like i said , this isn’t a contest build for women that look like me. besides anyone who knows me knows that my modeling life is soo far fetched from my real life. i dress down , dont wear make up, don’t own designer clothing. i’m usually workin in my scrubs at the ER. so its hilarious that i’mi even a part of this.

  24. Kirk

    She was already a Maxim Hometown Hottie. Let’s pick someone new.,86540

    • eatme

      …no, clearly you can VOTE to make her a maxim hometown hottie: she hasn’t won. As if Erin isn’t a model too. Let’s at least vote for a model who is at least willing to show her fine face in addition to her fine ass.

  25. Parker

    I knew she was too good to be true. I wasted my whole afternoon imagining having anal sex with her only to find some skank used the Maxim photos to try winning a contest she had no right to enter based on her own looks. I bet most of the entries are phony. Good thing there’s no prize money.

  26. Alex

    I thought they were looking for banner girl, not banner slut

    Her pic is appropiate for a porn site

    • eatme

      …from what I have read, she is engaged and is working as a pediatric RN.

      • Jessenia Vice

        lol im not engaged!! hahaha althought i kinda wish i was at this age (25) but sadly no. and i’m not a pediatric RN , i work as an LPN at the psychiatric ER.

        AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! It just a web banner contest that realistically I’d never win. AND YES I AM PART OF MAXIM’S TOP 100 HOTTIES in the SEMI-FINALS, what does that have to do this this???

  27. Jessenia Vice

    enjoy this un-photo shopped photo of me =D I LOVE THE SUMMER!!!

    • Kirk

      Give it up, you’ve been…EXPOSED…as….a…fraud. Any ONE can dig up…a…twit pic you….twit. Kirk…out.

      • Jessenia Vice

        lol THIS IS SOO HILARIOUS to me !!!

        I had no idea what The Superficial was until I was approached to participate in it.

        This is not the photo I would have ever submitted bc I have better, YES classier and natural images I could have used.

      • eatme

        …this isn’t American Idol you mamoncete. As if all these girls don’t have some experience, else do you really think they would submit photos for creeps like me to stare at?

      • Kirk

        ahaha “had no idea what The Superficial was until you were approached” who approached you, your manager, Hand Puppet?

        Hand Puppet: Hey I think you should be in Superficial contest.
        Fake Jessenia: Really? What’s that?
        Hand Puppet: That web site you’re on every day.
        Fake Jessenia: Except I’m not and I have no idea what you mean.
        Hand Puppet: Heh, heh, that’s right. Now here’s a photo I dug up for you to use. Pretend it’s you but act all offended if anyone questions it’s veracity.
        Fake Jessenia: What’s that mean?
        Hand Puppet: Just pretend its you, you ugly skank.
        Fake Jessenia: Oh manager, if you talk to me like that again I’ll erase your face.
        Hand Puppet: Sorry, I can’t control myself sometimes.
        Fake Jessenia: How about if I just pretend to laugh it off?
        Hand Puppet: Hey good idea. Your bigger than them. That’s right. You can afford to laugh it off. You’re a genius, Fake Jessinia.
        Fake Jessenia: Ok now shut up and feed me more donuts.

  28. Joseph

    Beautiful sweety.

  29. Jessenia Vice

    i really dislike typos but im the queen of it lol

    • Kirk

      your…the…queen of LIES…you donut EATING machine.

      • Jessenia Vice

        lol manager?? sweetie i manage me
        and i cant tell you who the person was bc i wont put him on the spot. he’s a cool guy and i know he didnt’ mean for it to get like this.

        fake jessenia? no sweetie this photo is in fact me, yes i was on the tyra show, yes im on maxim’s hometown hotties. the only reason why i gave consent to use any of my photos is because i thought it would be nice to have a latin woman in the contest, a woman with dark features and curves.

      • Booberficial

        Your face kinda looks like a man… and so do your hands, kinda like that Siendfield episode except now with more man-face.

      • Kirk

        Look, Fake Jessinia, nobody has anything against the real Jessinia. The only thing people don’t like is that you took her photo and submitted it as your own. If you wanted to prove who you are all you have to do is use your camera to take a picture of yourself and not keep posting links to pics everyone has access to including twitter pics. Your a phony, a sham, and your vote count proves everyone figured you out long ago. Stop wasting your time pretending to not care if people believe you or not. Everybody already doesn’t believe you.

  30. A_Lan

    Can this one win?? :D

  31. Maria Luisa

    Hott pic mama. I love how you’re the only one showing your whole body! Keep representing us latina’a and ignore all the HATERS..No need to explain yourself to anyone! xoxoxo

  32. Jessenia Vice

    here’s a photo of me holding a photo that i tweeted on twitter from me in HS

    here’s a message for KIRK

    and a special message to KIRK just bc i

  33. Jammy

    Looks like a tranny.

  34. eatme

    Well, looks like my girl Jessenia isn’t going to “win” which just goes to show that democracy is a sham. Obviously this contest was rigged. Life isn’t fair. Anyway, my mom always taught me that it isn’t a matter of who wins or loses, but rather how you play the game. She also taught me to be sure I aim when I use the toilet (#1). I love my mom. I also love chocolate chip cookies.

    • A

      The contest was rigged because people are speaking their minds?

    • Jessenia Vice

      LOL!!!!!!!! nothing was rigged hun, i knew off the bat i wasn’t goin to win. i mean the girls are gorgeous and i’m sure the majority of ppl on this site are white (no offense) you should have seen what ppl where saying to my other photo on their FB things like “she looks mexican” “we should have an american girl on the banner”

      They aren’t ready to see a latin woman as their banner girl. especially one showing her cheeks. which TRUST me i was surprised they wanted to use as appose of the others I have on my fan page that seemed more appropriate.

  35. A

    Oh please. we aren’t ready to see a latin woman as the banner girl? This has little or nothing to do with you being latina, but sure, say whatever you want to make yourself feel better. Plus, in the picture that they chose for the contest you look more asian to me, and I adore asian features on women but no offense, still wouldn’t vote for you.

    • Jessenia Vice

      lol i been saying it since the beginning of this contest hun ,not just now. ur so silly. im speaking my mind just as you are speaking yours. everyone has that right. it was entertaining and i actually liked reading some of the comments ppl had to say, i’m so use to getting praised by so many ppl that in some twisted way it was nice to read how people really felt the minute they saw my photo. some comments where nice, harsh and vulger but they were all real, one’s gotta appreciate that.

  36. Kirk

    Jessinia, you were right, I was wrong. Sorry I questioned your photos but you have to admit you are almost too good to be true on a site like this. Your anything but superficial and hotter than it was outside yesterday. I voted for you right from the start and wish you all the best. The way you dealt with my cheap shots proved your the one with class. Best of luck to you.
    Kirk out.

  37. LUIS

    hey jess… dont worry what these haters are saying they just jealous that their real life selves have to hide behind a computer screen and make fun or put down those that look better then themselves. keep up the good work and live it, love it and laugh all about it!!!! lisses pudding!

  38. Alberto

    Of course she DOESNT HAVE A MANAGER!

    Its called a PIMP, dumbass!

  39. Felix

    You came out beautiful on these pictures. Thank you

  40. nene

    she looks like a tranny!

  41. lko

    dam girl, for looking like a skanky cholla, u sure making a name for ur self

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