1. kristin

    erin is beautiful and gets my vote, but i wish her arm wasn’t behind her head because it makes it hard to see her profile.

  2. I like this one the best. This one is the most “superficial” out of the bunch. Plus the girl is beautiful! #3 looks like a stripper, haha.

  3. Confused

    Anyone notice that Gianna from LV looks exactly like Erin from DC? Either someone’s a copycat or something funky’s going on…

    • Umm.. You are way off. Did you not notice how thin Gianna’s lips are?? Erin clearly has a perfect pout. Your confusion is just stupid.

    • Drew

      Because half a face and some tits is grounds for a comparison.

      • other girl

        Are you stupid?
        Yes, it’s grounds for comparison. It’s simply not absolute.
        You can compare apples to oranges; Gianna to Erin; You to a donkey raping shit eater.

  4. Parker

    This is the same chick as yesterday with the wet mouth and Down’s Syndrome. Looks like someone wiped the drool off her lip though.

  5. What’s with the weird old lady lace shaw thing?

  6. RAtC

    I think she is too innocent and sweet looking to be considered Superficial.

  7. Irina

    Erin is an amazing girl, I’ve known her since the 6th grade. She’s not only super sweet but she will go out of her way to help anyone. She used to work at a center for abused children, putting on events to raise money for them. She has a huge heart and really deserves this. But she does have her fun side and she really is beautiful.

    • Zero

      If’s she so sweet hearted why’s she tryna be the banner for a site as scummy as this?

      Don’t get me wrong I love scummy!
      But if she’s as sweet hearted as you say,if you even know her for that matter.
      She’s in the wrong place.

      • Annie

        I don’t quite follow… being kind-hearted and into your looks are mutually exclusive?

        In any case, she’s beautiful, but not quite what I’d pick for the banner girl. My vision of the banner girl is an amalgamation of all of that sleaze in the So Freaking Hot section… but without the mangoo or anything else requiring stars.

    • Irina

      because everyone has a dark side!

    • M

      Sweetie, this isn’t a beauty pageant. We don’t need to hear about her helping abused kids or saving the fucking planet. Nobody cares about how huge her heart is.

  8. suck it

    Erin is a beautiful girl, great profile, but im not digging the shawl and the arm pose… it is a tough choice between her and Jessenia. I will have to think about this for a bit.

  9. nick

    beautiful! wish we could see her whole face!

  10. Keith

    Erin banged nearly every guy in my fraternity at University of Maryland.

  11. oh my god. number 4 is the one. i don’t even want to SEE any others…

  12. How exactly does Erin look just like Gianna? Anyone careless enough to make that similarity likely finds resemblance of Barack Obama in Bill Cosby.

    Erin’s photo is elegant and sexy – the sharp black on her pale skin adds an element of mystery. For anyone with a discerning visual palate, she is clearly the winner.

  13. Keith's pal Joe

    I heard, while on a trip to Rome, she let the Pope cum in her ass now every time she farts someone has to say, god bless you.

  14. Erin is the one I’d most like to come over & make me pancakes.

  15. Tom

    boring. i’m for the first one. i still like morgan the best from yesterday.

  16. marge

    feels more like a shot from La Perla lingerie

  17. cc

    Erin needs to marry me right away!

    I contemplated voting for Calais but she’s from Toronto so you know she’s a witch. (Trust me, you have to live here to get it.)

  18. flyinghigh

    It’s a pity we can’t see her full face because the eyes say a lot, they could either make this girl insanely stunning or ruin the ‘image’ we have here. What we do see is virtually flawless though, so she gets my vote.

  19. shannon

    this picture is perfect! she deserves to win

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