1. wtf

    I’m gonna be an open perv here and say that I would like to blow my load on that stomach.

    • barroom hero

      Yup. voted +1

    • LOL I hope she winssss

    • pete

      dude, she’ll probably be fine with eating it since it looks like she’s the “voracious” type if you know what I mean.

      Give up?

      okay, i’ll tell you: I mean she’s fat.

    • zoomer

      Tory, this site is called “The Superficial”.  The people who comment here are superficial assholes. But that’s what it’s ABOUT here.

      • justwow

        you can tell she obviously isn’t fat, it’s just the way she is standing. her legs probably don’t touch when she stands up straight.

        but for gods sake tory, you had to see this coming. every girl that sends a pic in gets picked apart for something that is wrong with her, it is called the SUPERFICIAL.

        plus would you rather be called fat or an anorexic crack whore (day 3 girl)?
        think about it…..

      • bigGuy

        uhh it looks real to me.
        this bitch gets my vote

  2. Id


    Oh hell no, #3. THE NOSES! JESUS!

  3. nick


    What the fuck is up with the fat chicks?

  4. mnsuperbee

    She is NOT fat!!! She’s beautiful!

  5. M

    Her hands look GIGANTIC.

  6. specialk

    Nick and Pete-Do you need glasses?!? She is not fat by any stretch of the imagination! Men like the two of you are really fucking pathetic…

    • Tory

      thank you specialK!!

    • ness

      Agreed. I doubt Nick and Pete could get anyone as hot as Tory anyway. Don’t even bother justifying yourself to them Tory. They are probably just compensating for their little dicks with their big idiotic opinions.

  7. modiggity

    you are idiots if you think tory is fat! Tory is fucking HOT!! GO TORY!!!!!

  8. Kirk

    Hand Puppet: Hey I think you should be in Superficial contest.
    Fake Jessenia: Really? What’s that?
    Hand Puppet: That web site you’re on every day.
    Fake Jessenia: Except I’m not and I have no idea what you mean.
    Hand Puppet: Heh, heh, that’s right. Now here’s a photo I dug up for you to use. Pretend it’s you but act all offended if anyone questions it’s veracity.
    Fake Jessenia: What’s that mean?
    Hand Puppet: Just pretend its you, you ugly skank.
    Fake Jessenia: Oh manager, if you talk to me like that again I’ll erase your face.
    Hand Puppet: Sorry, I can’t control myself sometimes.
    Fake Jessenia: How about if I just pretend to laugh it off?
    Hand Puppet: Hey good idea. Your bigger than them. That’s right. You can afford to laugh it off. You’re a genius, Fake Jessinia.
    Fake Jessenia: Ok now shut up and feed me more donuts

  9. Jason

    Don’t be stupid enough to vote for someone who can’t even show their face.

  10. D.R.

    Tory — fantastic photo! The pose, the lighting, you — all perfect. My favorite, by far.

  11. Tom

    hot. i like her the best for sure. the others are boring. i’m still for morgan from yesterday though.

  12. Brogn

    No waist
    No tits
    Boring face
    Is pretending to have friends

  13. Pylon

    How does Tory not have 100% of the vote? Didn’t realize this site was so gay friendly.

  14. lolz

    Boobs too small. love handles too big.

  15. LMFAO

    Yeah right. this chick has the body of a 12 year old boy

  16. duke

    tory – are you really so insecure as a “size 0″ that you have to argue against some idiots comment saying you’re fat? who cares?

  17. ROTFL

    I thought this was a superficial contest for banner girl. Why is this porker here? Is this a liposuction contest?

  18. Armand

    This woman makes the blood rise.

  19. Big Ego

    I was going to vote for her until she started commenting and linking to other photos. Put up and shut up. No one wants to hear you defend yourself at a site called “The Superficial”- get over yourself. Why would you even enter a contest like this if you’re that insecure?

    • Alli Watermelon

      I wasn’t going to. BUT, if I WAS going to, I would have changed my mind for the same reasons you just stated. P.S. I wouldn’t brag about wearing a double zero. Ick. (go ahead, call me fat now haha)

  20. Mal

    Are we looking at the same picture?! Where is she fat??? Not my fav, put a brunette in.

  21. Kkaz

    Hmmm, I don’t think she is fat at all, I think she has a lovely figure, I’d kill for a figure like that! But maybe, just maybe, she should have left her jeans up…I mean, she looks a bit desperate to me. Personally, I prefer classier poses, like the girl with the pearls…it’s revealing but nice!

  22. nene

    she doesnt have a nice shape. no waist, next!

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