1. bearybozo


  2. just

    this one’s almost too classy for this site.

  3. these all suck my bushy ass beaver

  4. Naked Chicks Rule

    An attractive young woman w/ multiple pearl necklaces…. Ah, sweet double-entendre. It’s French & so it makes it all classy.

  5. Just sayin'

    I have to say I’m impressed at how the readership is kinder to real women than to celebrities. You’d be all over that nose in a heart beat.

  6. Anatoli

    Easily the best one out of five.

    Classy, mysterious, sensual, and womanly.

    The other ones look like they are competing for a position at Hooters.

    Men would know what I mean. Boys will not.

  7. M

    I vote for the ORIGINAL BANNER CHICK. These morons all suck.

    • I still can't believe its not butter

      Agreed she looks like she’s trying wayy too hard- careful girls try any harder and you might just shit yourselves

  8. Cardinal Fang

    My vote goes here

  9. Oh Hell No

    You sorry ass blind bastards….#5 is the HOT CHICK. The ‘contest’ is for Banner GIRL, not Banner BOOBS.. #1 is PLAIN .. as in PLAIN UGLY, which is why she’s distracting you with pearls..what the fuck is so ‘classy’ about pearls unless they’re on a Grandma? #2 is pretty but looks like she works at Hooters, not bad if she’s competing for Hooter Chic..#3, don’t even get me started on her…how the hell she even got picked is beyond me, unless the Superficial owed someone a BIG favor…#4, the ‘leader’…. nice cleavage but nothing else… guess she’s afraid to show her face? But like most men, WHO’S LOOKING AT THE FACE WHEN TITS ARE INVOLVED??!!!

    Just sayin…………..

  10. Dms

    Can we add a sixth vote button for “none, they all suck” because I’m not going to vote for the least ugly

  11. Scott

    Wow, first time I’m actually commenting on this site. I had to, as all these suck. For the banner that is. The original is the best, the new isn’t bad, but still, it’s a very specific picture. And none of these finalist’s meet it. He needs to find a hot chick and pay for a photo session. Or bring the winner of this competition in for a real photo shoot. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. I mean, none of us comes onto this site for the banner girl (though it would be nice if we liked her). Anyways, out of this crop I pick…….No. 3. It is the only entry, of the five, with the correct profile shot. That said, although I could nit-pik them to death, truth is, I’d f*** all of them. And so would you. How do I know that? You are on this site right now, that’s how I know it.

  12. lauryn

    she’s original, creative and this picture is totally beautiful!

  13. Parker

    Looks like she got dressed in her grandmother’s closet. She’s also fat. How did nobody notice that?

  14. Grady



  15. eatme

    Meh, this is rigged. Obviously Arielle and Yvonne are the hottest and they are losing? WTF? Democracy is a sham.

  16. Larney

    #1 where’s your neck?

  17. Toocool4aname

    Traci you’re ridiculously beautiful. Got my vote.

  18. yowza

    Clearly, the only people who comment on this pics are flaming gay men.

  19. oy

    what’s wrong with the current generic banner girl?

  20. Blake

    Wait, is this a joke? Number 1 is clearly overweight. You can see her beefy arm and barrel chest. Her boobs look laughably small compared to her gargantuan ribcage. She just looks like your average “big boned” lady. Homely and boring.

    Im seriously concerned about Number 2 nose too. I actually feel bad for her, as it was likely the work of some under qualified surgeon. Whoever preformed that surgery should have their license take away.

    Number 5 looks pretty good, but it’s hard to tell because that picture is wayyyy too bright. Might just be my monitor though!

    4 is nothing special.

    I personally like 3, and only because she’s the only one who isn’t painfully unattractive and because i can actually tell what she looks like from the picture.

  21. Uh

    Is there any way to vote for the banner girl that’s already up there?

  22. tonite

    seriously, where are all the sexy bitches?
    this girl has a gargantuan nose and no cleavage and looks a bit…hefty.
    i want a skinny bitch with big tiddies and blonde hair. THAT = superficial banner girl material.

    • dee

      I agree! Except minus I prefer brunettes but actually now that I think about it, a bottle blonde would suit perfectly. Adds to the tashy, superficial-ness of it all!

  23. sera

    VOTE!!! she is stunning!
    @ tonite.. fuck the skinny bitches. bring on a real girl who’s gorgeous. You ugly fuck.

    • tonite

      …why am i ugly? you dont even know what i look like.
      anyways, were talking the SUPERFICIAL here – fake, fake, fake! we need some coked out bitch to rep that shit. i just see it as fitting.
      once again, just my opinion!

  24. CY

    How the hell is this girl in 2nd place? Dirty hair and old jewelry is want the voters want? Any bets this crunchy has bush up to her belly button? She looks like a teenager playing dress up

  25. Dr. Waldenheim Von Poop

    #3 is smoking hot, she’s my pick. Don’t fall for that overexposed bullshit of the last chick, she’s hiding her face for a reason. #1 is pretty decent, but that’s mostly because of the artsy pearls and hair hiding her face.

    • dee

      #3 is awful! The worst of the bunch. She looks like a clown with all that weird make up. She also has the tiniest mosquito bite breasts.

      • Tom

        I don’t think that’s a clown dee. I think you just haven’t seen a pretty face. Jealous, dee? Did your picture not make it?

  26. gigi

    what’s with all the pearls? too busy, too much going…. hair, lace, intriguing hand placement, the frigging pearls… please make it Arielle! the concept fits perfectly! this is THE SUPERFICIAL!

  27. Hey Traci!!! Don’t you have a twin?? We hung out a couple times. I lived in Aventura, you came by my place in Williams Island with some friends…!! You lived in New York, your sister had a baby I believe. I had you on my myspace but I never go on it. I use FB now!! Pls respond if u get this!!!

  28. lauryn

    this picture sums up the superficial. cant believe it didnt win :(

  29. Team Traci! So far after 3 rounds, she walks away with the win…in my heart and a bit lower! Robbed I tell ya! Robbed!

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