1. Ahoyhoy

    Who cares about this talentless fat ass? Beyonce stole her wedding thunder. Haha.

  2. Curious Troll

    Cottage cheese in a plastic garbage bag.

  3. LeeLee

    The ass is out of the bag… she has on the underwear with the a bit of bum pads on .. yes naturally she has a beautiful shaped body, but she is wearing a padded underwear. my friend has the same one and you can clearly see in the front of the dress the underwear line. it looks like Granny pantys…. and that is how she gets her butt so big… some times its huge and some times it her natural ass… why else does she pose standing backwards when she has it on….. Shallow. !

  4. sosickofkk

    look at me. look at me. look at my fake fat ass, fake hair and fake plastic surgery face

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