1. ahhuh

    yep that’s his johnson

  2. JBiebs

    One step away from having a pet penis.

  3. KC

    Those glasses are as necessary as that snake.

  4. Evilgeniusnz

    So this is a gay Harry Potter?

  5. Madison

    Looks like Rachel Maddow

  6. bethy

    Styled by Kanye West.

  7. Brandon

    This kid looks like a lesbian almost 90% of the time.

  8. lizzy

    he looks like the model agyness deyn.

    ^^ and yes, styled by kanye west.

  9. celeste

    justin is just a kid with more cash flow then we’ll even ever dream of havin….Otherwords:he has stylists..\women(there went his virginity and coke free nose!!sorry mother! F it…Really at th end of the day,who cares….Probably kinda neredy in school maybe?

  10. Codot

    Is Bieber slang for a vagina yet?

    By 2013, I want to hear a woman complain that she may have gotten some sand in her Bieber.

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