1. jesus_christ

    nice lips/face, when will these bitches learn

  2. Blonde

    What did she do to her face?

    • jesus_christ

      you tell me, look at some pics from last season and tell me she doesn’t look 10x worse (not talking about her body)

  3. Sin

    Not enough tits and ass showing, we can still see her face.

  4. Women can hate on J-W all they want but the she is still hot !!

  5. Michael D

    “Do you wanna know how I got these scars?”

  6. m

    Is it in their contract to look like hookers, or is that just how they are “naturally”. I put naturally in quotations, because there obviously isn’t a natural thing about these broads. Gutter filth.

  7. Kady

    She and Demi Lovato are pretty much wearing the same thing. JWow might be a little more covered up.

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