1. Only me

    She is so ugly!

  2. If a gay anaconda tried to swallow a hippo, I think this is what it would look like.

  3. Fussyhussy

    DEAR GOD WHY do they put this beast on TV??? I can’t even think of anything nice to say & understand. MTV – PLEASE STOP SIGNING THIS BEAST AND ASSutling people.

  4. Sin

    Nope. Just ugly trash no matter what is done to it.

  5. Liliy

    somehow green contacts and extensions don’t make this any better…

  6. Why is she dressed in skittles?

  7. Ihateyoumtv

    Like when they tried to bring back the dinosaurs with incomplete DNA in Jurassic Park, they had to fill it in w/ frog DNA, which led to the females becoming capable of getting each other pregnant: I imagine this would be the result of similar efforts to bring back Fruit Stripe gum.

  8. Cornbread

    Brooke Hogan.

  9. Pibb

    Honestlyyyyyy who told her that dress looked good?? Whooooo put that lipstick on her!!! FUCK

  10. somoxie88

    WTF. Why is that Bratz Doll wearing Rainbow Brite’s dress?

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