1. Sin

    Huh, Snookie cleans up somewhat nice.

  2. Ricky G

    Who’d a thunk it? – Snookie cleans up somewhat nice.

  3. m

    In a tacky, whorish kind of way… yeah, I guess.

  4. Jillia

    Yea, what’s going on here? She looks almost decent, and …. dare I say it… thin?? Maybe not thin-thin, but there’s seems to be less Snookie here. I’m so confused…


  5. Pibb

    She looks great! Lost the weight she needs to lose and isn’t dressing as tacky and fug.

  6. baccusvd

    FUCK I’d tap that. Does that make me an Ewok fucker? I don’t care. She looks good for a change.

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