1. Hoboz

    Kiss took a dump.

    • schism

      He looks like Cradle of Filth’s lead singer…if the latter were a high schooler trying desperately to look hardcore.

  2. Ram Punchington

    Who looks worse in this picture? I can’t decide.

    Punchington Out.

  3. Bodhaiii

    He looks like he starting to rethink that whole “condom” thing…

  4. Marc

    Nicolas is a cool guy, yeah he fucked up with his money and all, even had to sell his castle in Germany (really must be bad) but still he’s a great guy who’s been in some of the most rememberable, awesome movies, even way back, lot’s of classics, and is a great actor, although the last years unfortunatley he also been in some really shitty ones,… he takes on almost every role in order to straighten out his financials but come on that really only makes the guy more sympathetic, at least he’s fighting shit and isn’t lawyering up and tries to hide behind memories of better times.

    Yeah his son sure looks like a total wannabe-rebel-goth/ douche, but well what do you expect of a spoiled kid who’s grown up as a son of a bad ass actor, if you’re younger that’s not really that far off from the reality most ppl go through in one way or another, maybe with limited means but still,…

    Also Nic clearly stands by his son, no ducking away in shame or anything like that, the guy is decent!

  5. frierster

    Nic Cage went into the light with his Season of the Witch son! Or is it a daughter?

  6. mike c.

    rethinking the condom thing…i got to remember that…very funny

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