1. Randy Jackson

    “Not really one of my fantasies, but yeah, I’d fuck an older chick in her big fat ass while she gives the Nazi salute”

  2. Audrey Jo

    It could have been much worse if Becks were with her on second row, glancing at that quintessential ass.

  3. jack-eyyy

    “If I concentrate hard enough with my British Ice Queen powers maybe I can get her to impersonate that nazi chick that Jesse James banged. Bwahahahahahaha “

  4. castallare

    Are you sure she’s not just melting? She is in broad daylight without any protection…

  5. DogBoy

    Love the fact that Randy is checkin out dat ass.

  6. seals

    Jennifer Lopez, you fat cow. Get out of Victoria’s seat before you break it.

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