1. BMJ

    Jennifer checks her phone while the love child of Johnny Galecki and Pauly Shore looks on.

  2. I don’t think she’s shooting any looks, that’s her regular face. Try to find a picture of her smiling, good luck. Imagine poor David, trying to get off while lying on top of this zombie.

  3. jack-eyyy

    I thought that guy was Val Kilmer with a new weave. my bad.

  4. Queequeg

    Why shouldn’t she sit in first row?

    She’s the world’s most beautiful woman.

    Isn’t she??

  5. Colin

    Remind me why she wasn’t Scary Spice again?

  6. fire

    That’s hilarious! Why does she never smile? :( How depressing. Now that I think of it, she never smiled back in her Spice Girl’s “Spice World” days, either. She looks SO much better with longer brown hair, than her short blond choppy hair.

    Having said that…What the hell happened to her over the years!? and her attempt at a smile…It reminded me of a demon child of Freddy Kreuger…..Scary stuff!!

  7. fapappy

    Well it’s like they say. Out with the old, and in with the old.

  8. 991-Gannon Mattolli

    I don’t think this wicked witch of the west do some unexpected with J-Lo. That ends up bad situation.

  9. Ires

    GOOO Jennifer!!! Stay yourself and stay beautifullllll!!! :D

    Victoria is just a jealous woman, full of hate and no warm heart.
    The reason why she’s never smiling is in line with her inside.
    I quess she’s a woman who likes to gossip about other people without pointing any finger towards herself.

    Go and get a tan Victoria Ugly!!

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