1. Carl T that Paradis? I think Depp could afford a set of braces.

  2. AgentW

    Looks like the Mad Hatter Depp layed in Alice in Wonderland

  3. So Johnny Depp is living in LA now? I guess his “I hate America” scruples only lasted as long as his marriage.

  4. cuddles

    And they said Michael Strahan didn’t have a doppleganger.

  5. Employee

    Ah, good. Finally found a spot to park my bus.

  6. Blonde


  7. sid


  8. Madonna’s ugly sister

  9. Little Tongue

    She used to be very pretty but time has not been good to her…

  10. pixigoil

    I just…never understood

  11. kingofbeer

    that is one fugly specimen

  12. she makes Helena Bonham-Carter look good

  13. Felonious Monkey

    Skinny doesn’t age well. No one can have the body of a wiry or skinny teenager without it affecting your face!

  14. KC

    No, Snow White, don’t take the apple from her!

  15. King Diamond

    According to here Wiki page. She is a “model” LOL

  16. Sign on the first tooth: Next tooth 5 miles

  17. DD

    I thought Skeletor was a fictional character.

  18. Shit, do they not have mirrors in France?

  19. lola

    she is so gorgeous, even if you are trying to post her worst pictures finally one natural beauty witout plastic surgery

    • haha!

      Blind people should not be alot to give opinions on pics that can’t actually see..!!

    • sirap

      they, meaning the ap never gave this very talented and beautiful woman a chance? ever, all one, ever hears is brad ane angie, (wicked witch of the world)! i’m sick of this monotony about those 2 twits. johnny and vanessa had a chance,(still do), but the press for 6 yrs and running, shove the same crap down our throats what’s next their bowel movements and kids they use for press.sickening. they get more than their fair share already kids should be off limits to the press……………………I CONCURE! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, JEALOUSY JUST GETS THE BEST OF EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE. HE COULD HAVE ANYONE.HOPE THINGS WORK OUT.

      • haha!

        If you consider her a beauty then shall i ask if you belive in marrying barn animals?

      • TaT

        Looks like you may have a case of the grape Jelly for Angelina. Why is she a wicked witch? Because she did the same thing whiney Maniston did a few years before meeting Brad, and what went around finally came around to her? Do you know for a fact she’s using her children for publicity? You sure have a lot of hatred for people I’m pretty sure you don’t know.

  20. losers

    vanessa paradis beautiful woman but this website is so obsessed posting bad pics of her a place for losers

  21. OMG…what in the hell is wrong with Johnny Depp? And lady…fix that grill. You look like Grizella the hagged witch.

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