1. Donutz

    WTF is coachella…

  2. reformed_druid

    If it’s white chocolate then why is she keeping it hidden in her bag.

  3. hollywood_hillbilly

    How the fuck is that a “white powdery substance”? It looks like ranch dressing. Please learn what drugs look like. @retarded_douche: you see any fucking pockets on that outfit that one might want to keep whatever that is in?

  4. Double D

    Why do people have to put the worst possible construction on things and assume this is drugs? I highly doubt it’s drugs. Just hippie cum.

  5. White Chocolate’s a new drug out by Usher. 1 part MDMA, 4 parts Beiber Jizz..

  6. gaudi

    This reminds me of some dark chocolate I ate a burning man. A handy carrier agent for magic mushrooms.

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