1. James

    I really dont understand how divorce works, a woman who has basically zero value and zero accomplishments can take all of that which the man earns. I understand she would be out on the street and homeless if he didnt look after her ,but does he really have to give more than half of his stuff to that useless whore.

    • IKno

      She’s the mother of his children, not a useless whore.

    • EliinMia

      well HE DID cheated and she gave him a chance and he cheated again. I say a cheater should be punished. They always have a choice to not cheat or better yet tell their partner is not working out or something. But unfortunately is through assets that they get punished. Yea she doesnt really have any “value” per say but lucky her! Set for life.

    • Cs

      how is she a useless whore.

      She’s been married to him since she got out of high school, he on the other hand cheated on her. Who is more useless…

  2. First of all how the hell can you put value on human life? All of you sound like a bunch of inhumane beings just by the way you think. Maybe she didn’t raise her own children, she had a little help. She definetly gave birth to those children. Could anyone do that for her? HELL NO! No one gives a shit about Kobe Bryant. Yes he’s a good ball player and THAT’S IT! He made his own bed, now he has to lay in it. What more is it for a man to gain the world and loose his soul to the damnation of Hell forever. Think about that. Money and things cannot save your soul . In the end you have to answer to the Lord for the life you lived (and you will, whether you want to believe it, or not). Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    • Cs

      Yeah too many people here put too much value on money. Some other poster said he would kill his wife instead of giving her half his cash and he said he was serious which is truly sad.

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