1. Frank


  2. Eva

    Now what about OJ?

    • Sarah

      Get over it, the bitch deserved it and the evidence was planted.
      Worry about that Immigration Law beaner! Lmfao!

  3. Toocool4aname

    I love #2. Its the picture where she turns and says to her lawyer “You done fucked up!”

  4. Rob

    Jesus fucking christ… about god damn time. Too bad she’ll be out in 3 days but would be nice to have 90 days without Lohan news… Think fish’s site would be dead at that point. lol

  5. ladygagathesenutz

    id like to catch her in the prison shower !!

  6. Bigo

    NOOO, now everything blogs will be talking about is Linsay’s jail sentence.
    Just inprison her and throw the key, please!!!

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