1. Haus

    Doesn’t she eat box already? This should be like Baskin Robbins for her. 31 flavors of anti-society, inmate snatch for ol Freckles McFireCrotch.

  2. No more lip injections in jail:(

  3. CoCoYoYo

    Does she REALLY think that her lips look good like that? Trout pout is SO lame…

  4. Richard Throbbin

    “But, but, but, I’m famous! How can this happen to me?”

    My friends call me Dick.

  5. adam

    that top lip is gonna collapse without her regular collagen shots in jail

  6. hrr

    She looks older than her mom.

  7. CARLO

    her lips actually looked good on the TV in court. She will end up looking funny like Shauna Sand tho.

    I’d still pay to hit it.

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