1. Bill

    Bout damn time

  2. That Guy

    She’ll get out the next day.

  3. sofus

    a picture says a thousand words… this one just says “hahahahahahahaha” over and over

  4. Ozgirl

    Token jail time for DUI is like sooo 2007, am I right Paris?

  5. Mike Iksard

    bwa to the ha ha. but she will spend a week tops..lame

  6. PewPew

    She asked the court to remove the SCRAM bracelet so she could flee the country and live with child anal raper Roman Polanski.

  7. djyanno

    I will masturbate to the first pic tonight!


    Whys she going to jail?

  9. Lindsay's Lover

    Starting tomorrow, 3 times a day, I’ll be making conjugal visits with LINDSAY LOHAN. Have pitty on the girl! (videos will come)

  10. DarkDeathRay

    How much time is she REALLY going to spend in jail? Somebody needs to be there with a stop-watch when she goes in. Last time, she was sentanced to 30 days and she actually spent less than an hour-and-a-half. Already they are cutting it down because, as TMZ states, “generally, a female inmate in Lindsay’s situation only serves 25% of their sentence … which means LiLo will most likely spend around 23 days behind bars. ” What the hell kind of system do they have there? All the best justice money can buy…

  11. Marty

    This should definitely be the new banner girl pic, I dare you to find another picture that could even compare.

  12. iris

    Why does she act so shocked during the sentencing? Gee, who knew DUI’s and getting caught lying and doing coke had consequences…right?
    I wish I knew what she was saying to her lawyer during the sentencing because it seems like she’s blaming her for not getting her a lighter sentence.
    I hope she spends at least 30 days in jail. Maybe it will actually be a wakeup call to her and her famewhore excuse of a mother. This girl is a mess…look at that fake hair on her head and her lip injections. She needs help

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