1. rough smacked

    A seven foot Jerry Matters is ruining the dream of an ash….

  2. rough smacked

    Nah I meant a seven foot Tony Dow…

  3. ella

    the dude is a freakin giant

    • Paloma

      Even though as most basketball players he is freakishly tall you have to take into consideration that she is only like 5’2″ so of course he is going to look like a giant standing next to her. I’m sure he isn’t any taller than the majority of players out there.

      I think they make a cute couple. He looks like a very nice man. I hope they are very happy together and have lots of babies.

      • asshole

        I think you’re on the wrong site. We hate this slag here!

      • Laula

        WTF! I’m sorry but judging by his hands and in some previous photos on this site his feet he must have a huuuuuge ………

        Nothing wrong with that but if she is only 5′ 2″- I can’t even imagine the gargantum sized baby she’ll have to birth- most likely with some serious rippage involved. *shivers*

        That’s not cute that’s just cruel!

  4. me

    why I cant stop imagining him having the smallest cock?

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