1. God666

    What an ugly man

  2. SS

    25 ? Wow. Really has that been-through-a-lot-to-become-Batman ring to it ? Um, no. It certainly does not. A young Batman would have made sense with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role, since we’ve all seen how he got to this place, emotionally and in terms of experience.
    However, this may be better. JG-L was part of a brilliant trilogy, and NOTHING from that masterful set of art and work should have ANYTHING to do with this suitable-for-comics-only-but-we-want-to-because-Marvel-has-group-movies stooooopid idea of putting Superman and Batman in the same day and age.
    Even with the “realistic”, harder, darker approach of this Superman, it’s still Dummmmmmmb. Batman is the coolest and this is a shameless instance of using something excellent to try and milk more money out of it all. OK, they’re in the money business, that’s fine. So, yes, Good that it’s a new Batman, having nothing to do with the brillian trilogy. Let ‘em comics it up. Have fun. By the way — a pair of superheroes does not bring the “group thing” into play the way Marvel did. And THAT’s where it gets tough, doesn’t it ? WonderWoman ? Casting must be SUPERB to get that to work. Aquaman ? Well…,Big Bang Theory has said plenty about Aquaman. In order to bring some reason and semi-credibility to these characters they’ll wind up either having some be aliens…or some be mutants and then you’re copping on X-Men.
    It may be too late, anyway. Superman was terrific and it deserved its great success. But I think the public is staring to get sick of all the CGI, etc. Might be wrong.
    Bottom line — I’m all right with AS LONG AS IT HAS NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with the Bale-Nolan Batman Brilliance !

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