1. Remember kids, the more gangsta you are, the more bedazzled you get. That’s why Elizabeth Taylor is an O.G. muthafucka, ya heard?

  2. The Brown Streak

    I understand tupac is dead but why show a picture of Scottie Pippen, Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis?

  3. amanda_bow

    There’s always a bald, gay man saying it with his tongue.

  4. Ahmed

    Not to mention .It aint like Biggie was fuithfal to her Here we go with the double standard .Niggas expect women to be at home when they out doing their dirt. But when a female goes out and does the same thing all of a sudden she is a bitch and a ho SMMFHUnless you was in the industry back in the day how the hell are you gonna say whether it was appropriate to meet up in hotel rooms to do business.Is it appropriate for producers and directors to sleep with artists? NO but that shit still happens don’t itThe way I see it Faith and Pac knew each other from before and Pac was SUPPOSEDLY Biggie’s friend so why go through all the red tape when u can just get your money directly

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