1. DrunkRussian

    This is why we fight. God Bless America.

  2. skinnyfat

    SO not a hog. It’s a sport touring BMW!

  3. Coyote

    From what I can see she only take pictures on the Bikes, but does not actually ride any.

    • Stuey

      She rides all the time and posts on twitter and facebook. Would be kind of hard to pose while riding.

  4. Billykins

    Can’t be said enough – not a hog.

  5. Poo

    She can ride my hog anytime she feels like it !!!

  6. Kenny

    Not really a flattering set of photos. She was incredibly gorgeous on Battlestar Galactica. She’s still quite attractive, but these pictures make her look quite a few years older.

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    That’s so hot ! Her in tight jeans on BMW bike looks much hotter than Anne Hathaway on her tight trashbag suit riding a jewcycle

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