1. ktulu

    Grrroososssss now I can’t watch the Suite Life ever again

  2. twisted

    Oh man, he’s a douch.

  3. dali

    a lady boy and and douche bag…. sounds like a new reality show.

  4. Ismoss

    Is this what your supposed to do if your sister and father are famous and you have zero markable talent?

  5. shabanana

    dude. tattoo’s don’t count as a shirt.

  6. A. Theist

    Dude looks like he took it up the ass in prison, and liked it.

  7. iola

    She can do so much better. Too late now!

  8. Kristin

    She just put asians on the map.

  9. footballisus

    Fucker kinda looks like a young Todd Rundgren!

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