1. Oh please. If she was 2 inches taller and wearing angel wings, you’d want to tongue her butthole, Fish.

    • Myers

      lol yeah Torrie Wilson is f**king gorgeous. Look at her playboy spread from a few years ago. I am starting to think Fish is just calling these ladies manly because he is secretly hiding in a closet wishing this was guy on guy action.

    • Grandpa Walton

      I would tongue ARod’s butthole just to get the opportunity to tongue her butthole.. and I’m not gay.

  2. Brooke

    I know she’s muscular, but she seems plenty feminine to me. She’s pretty attractive, though with the sunglasses on it’s hard to say. I’d think she were hot but breast implants on athletic builds are a turn-off. Then again, implants in general make my inner lesbian go off somewhere to read the stock reports until something better passes by.

  3. bernard

    athletes sometimes prefer chicks that work out….

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