1. I’m scared…I mean scarred…actually, both work.

  2. carolinajim

    Wow. I so want this woman to rape me. My fantasy is that we workout together and in the weight room we both notice that she can squat and leg press more than me. Her toned body develops a shiny sweaty sheen.She catches me staring at her and laughs saying “As if you have a chance…. I could use you though…” Next thing I know she’s uses a wrestling move to knock me down and has me trapped between her muscular thighs. She squeezes my head and my squirming and begging her to stop turns her on more and more. When she is nice and wet she forces me to go down on her, still trapped between her legs. Finally, after she is satisfied, as a mercy, she decides to ride me until I climax. I bet this is A-rod’s fantasy too. Anyone else have this fantasy?

  3. Andy

    Wow Jim. That does weirldly turn me on. Every since I saw Famke Jansen in that Bond movie years ago, I did think about being squeezed by a woman’s thighs. I just didn’t quite take it that far. I do find very fit women to be super sexy. Once you date an athletic chick you will never want to sleep with an anoxeric waif again.

  4. Pru

    What a beautiful ass. I can fuck it for hours.

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