1. “I know, right? I mean, great tits and all, but look at my jeans. Nothing. I’m more of an ass man, really and truly.”

  2. Kojak

    I wanna see their feet…
    He is 5’8″, she is 5’10″…

  3. hehe

    current contract up – check
    meet younger girl – check
    girl not huge movie success thus far – check
    enter new contract negotiations – definite check.
    draft prenup knowing contracted relationshop will end – check

  4. Sunil

    He is worth over 600 million.So he does not need money from selnilg pictures of his baby for charity or otherwise. YourUS weekly had put a price tag of 3-4 million on Suri before Shiloh was born and reduced it out of spite because they knew Tom would never give a rag like that any pictures of his baby.And please decent people do not quote US weekly! Notice that Brangelina’s fame is only due to the scandle they project and sleeze. Babel and TGS both bombed at the both office. Babel opened at number 22 and TGS #9.

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