1. joe

    I thought Jesus hated the gays?

  2. bernard

    like many religious freaks, it’s all about the insecurity
    and failure to perform sexually
    the worse the flaccid prematurely-ejaculating problem
    the more extreme they wrap themselves up in religion
    and try to control their women since they can’t satisfy
    Tim probably couldn’t keep from spotting his pants
    just being in the room with these girls

  3. celebsloveme

    From what I understand, he genuinely tries to live out his convictions–ie no sex outside marriage, which has to be difficult considering all the opportunities he has. As much as you seem to despise Christians, Fish, you seem to despise hypocrites more, and at least he’s trying not to be one. You know?

    • bernard

      you are right, he is a man of conviction—
      obnoxious that he has to “shout his praise from the street corners…”
      the only problem i had with Tebow was that he made Broncos fans
      think they might win another one with his “skill set” (sic)

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