1. I can’t wait until this guy gets married…because then it’s only a short wait until we get treated to the inevitable violation of his marital vows, and gyrations of logic explaining why divorce is OK for him even though his religion forbids it.

    Anybody who practices his religion with the exhibitionist zeal of a sex offender masturbating on a city bus has crash-and-burn written all over his future.

  2. “Dear Sweet Baby Christ…thank you so much for this AWESOME win against the Steelers. Your ways are truly so powerful and so mysterious, God, and I thank you for them. I also thank you for Katy Perry’s enormous, consecrated bosoms, without which I would not be capable of masturbating to Your glory. May they bring millions into Your kingdom, just as my incredible touchdown passes have done. Also, thank you again for masturbation. In Your holy name, Amen.”

  3. yea right

    intelligent? hahahahahaha

  4. Honkeywhat?

    Tebow is gay..worst kept secret in the NFL

  5. 58-Von Miller II

    Tim Tebow has been a person that had huge comebacks with wins, but with the Rivalee with New England Patriots, that will be another thing he was in his mind, finish this Rivalee as they advanced to playoffs.

  6. illicit encounter

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